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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/6/2020
Unknown Story
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  • What was that?
  • In this scene, Lucy needs to tie her shoe. She is trying to untie the knot, while they go out of sight.
  • In this scene, Lucy hides behind a tree because she hears something scary. She hears huges thumping. But, the thing is is that she can't see anything because they are invisable
  • In this scene, they find out that the monopod people with big feet that made the loud noise of thumping. They said that they were really ugly and they couldn't see eachother because they made themselves invisable. They told Lucy to go into the magicians house and find the spell to make them visable
  • In this scene, Lucy goes and tries to find the spell. Lucy stumbles by a ton of spells. For example when she hears her friends talking about her meanly. Then, Lucy finally finds the spell. She says the words, and Aslan shows up.
  • In this scene, Aslan sugests that Lucy goes and talks to the magician of the house. So she goes down and talks to the magician. Next, they have lunch together and fill thereselves.
  • In this chapter, the crew goes into a place that is pitch black. It is so dark, that they can't see anything. Then, they hear someone that yells help. So they lift him on the boat. They then realise that it is the island where dreams come true.
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