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Margaret Cavendish
Updated: 10/16/2020
Margaret Cavendish
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  • The Begining
  • Meeting Someone Special
  • Will You Marry Me?
  • Oh My Gosh, Yes of course
  • Begining of Her Career
  • What do you think?
  • Well, I think....
  • Margeret Cavendish was born into a very wealthy family in 1623, mainly raised by her mother due to her fathers passing when she was very young. She was the youngest of 8 siblings.
  • The Circle
  • hmmm....
  • Margaret became a maid of honor to Queen Henrietta Maria, and in 1644, accompanied her mistress into exile in Paris. Coming here was a very important part of her life, which it is when she met her husband William Cavendish, who was amateur scholar, and very interested in philosiphy.
  • Someone to Remember
  • (Philosophy Things)
  • Cavendish, with the help of William, was able to meet many amazing and famous philosophers, as well as be able to publish some of her own work. This way she was able to get a name for herself which back then wasn't very common.
  • The End
  • WIth Cavendish being introduced to many famous people, then came what is known as "The Circle" where many famous and well known philosophers gathered. All the listening she had done, left a deep impression on her and she was determined to do something. By the time she returned with her husband to Restoration England in 1660, she had already penned five works, including Poems and Fancies (1653), Philosophical Fancies (1653), and Philosophical and Physical Opinions (1655), which was the "groundwork" for her future projects.
  • At this point in her life Cavendish was a very well known Philosopher and writer throughout Europe. She was the first women to attend a meeting of the Society not only attending, but also being formally invited! Cavendish was able to have so many accomplishments to be remembered for ages.
  • Although she did amazing things, everyones life comes to an end eventually. Cavendish had developed a completely different point of view of philosophy in her time. Some of her Philisophical views can be seen in Poems and Fancies (1653), Philosophical Fancies (1653), Philosophical and Physical Opinions (1655), etc. Cavendish was an amazing worker, and spouse, and will be remembered for sure.
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