Updated: 4/30/2020

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  • it was 2 october 2011 and me and my siblings were dressed like royals to go to church with my grandma
  • i was 4 years old and started to get extremely restless so i was slowly fallng asleep
  • so i raised my hand and lucky anoth i got picked i was told to drink the whine from jesus even though i knew it was apple juice i took a masive sip
  • my evil sister was laughing her head of while my brother was shaking his head in disgust my grandma was quite surprised
  • i was almost fully asleep when I got awoken by the feel of myself falling i had accidently fallen of the chair and was laying in the middle of the aisle.
  • i started to cry as i hit my head and my grandma helped my up to my seat while my siblings were just wispering about stuf i couldnt hear
  • the preist went on and talked about jesus as i wiped away the tears then i heard he was going to pick a kid from the crowd
  • after the church had finished i told my mum all about how i got chosen to drink from the cup although i left out the bit of me falling of the chair
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