RT Storyboard 2
Updated: 6/19/2020
RT Storyboard 2
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  • Time Out
  • Let's time out. Treatment total dose: 76 Gy/38 fractions/2.0 Gy per fraction
  • Beam on
  • Confirmed. Beaming on
  • Removal of Rectal Balloon
  • Good job, you're all done today. I am going to remove the rectal balloon and help you off the table
  • Treatment Room
  • Last Day of Treatment
  • Ok Joe, this is your last day of treatment. After you get changed, meet with the nurse and be sure to schedule a follow up appointment with your doctor.
  • Thank you so much. You both were wonderful to me.
  • Treatment Room
  • The two therapists will "time out" to ensure they are treating the right patient with the right prescribed dose.
  • Nurses Room
  • Joe, here’s proper at home care instructions to follow and ensure optimal health.
  • When treatment is done being delivered, the therapists remove the rectal balloon by first retracting the water from it then properly disposing it.
  • Front Desk
  • Of course, I'll be right with you.
  • Hello, I i just completed my last day of treatment, I would like to schedule a follow up appointment with my doctor.
  • Thank you, see you tomorrow.
  • On the last day of treatment, the therapist's remind their patient to meet with one of the nurses who help with transitioning to home care instructions and maintaining optimal health.
  • Bell Ringing
  • Congrats Joe!
  • The nurse will give the patient at home instructions including a side effects sheet, and his medication list.
  • Thank you, I will be sure to schedule my follow up visit next.
  • After the patient receives their last day of treatment, it is very important for them to schedule a follow up appointment with their doctor.
  • The patient is ringing his bell in honor of his last day of treatment. The therapists and staff cheer him on and congratulate him.
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