captain grammar vs Dr. Sentence Fragment
Updated: 7/16/2020
captain grammar vs Dr. Sentence Fragment
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  • You will pay! Cower in fear as I blast this educational mural! The citizens will still have a reference for grammar!
  • Passive Voice: When the subject of the sentence is acted on by the verb,Example: The assignment was completed by Mr. Passive.Active Voice: The subject in a sentence acts upon the verb.Example: Mr. Active does his assignment.
  • You destroyed my grammar information station!
  • By using "Mr. Active" and "Mr. Passive" as examples, they will remember the sentence structure for active and passive voice.
  • Muahaha! Is that all you've got?! Watch this!
  • Oh no! What have you done?!
  • I have altered your pathetic examples! Now they will associate active and passive voice with the wrong sentence structure!
  • Mr. Passive is going grocery shopping.The book was written by Mr. Active.
  • Now the citizens will not know the difference between active and passive voice!
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