Energy & Momentum
Updated: 1/5/2021
Energy & Momentum

Storyboard Text

  • Have you ever been bored and had no one to play or talk to? Well I have the game for you! The ready aim game is an easy portable game you can play alone! It comes with rubber bands and user friendly target box.
  • This game uses the principles of energy and momentum to work. The objective of the game is to launch the rubber bands into the holes in the box to earn points.
  • Through this game the concepts of energy can be seen through the rubber band motion. Energy is the ability to do work, and work is the ability to transfer energy. There are different type of energy being: gravitational potential energy, elastic potential energy, and kinetic energy.
  • In this game Elastic Potential energy, kinetic energy are seen through the rubber band. When the rubber band is being stretched, potential energy is being stored. When the rubber band is released kinetic energy is taking place.
  • Momentum is involved in this game because the rubber band is in motion, and momentum is inertia in motion. This concept could be seen when the rubber band is released and collides with the box.
  • If you want to practice and determine these concepts in your game you can use these equations: p=mv, PE = 1/2kx^2. This game can be educational and fun!
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