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science- kims bum
Updated: 5/22/2020
science- kims bum
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  • OH NO!!!!! MY BUM IS FLAT.I need to get some more implants
  • today Kim, your getting silicon implants which is also known as "SI" as its atom symbol
  • doctor Kelly, could you please tell me more about the atom silicon?!
  • well, the atom is made up of 14 protons and electrons (atomic number),12 neutrons and its atomic weight/mass is 28.00.
  • the atom has a nucleus in the centre on the atom, and surrounding it, is their electron shells. So for silicon the electron configuration is 2,8,4. making 6 the valance electron because it is on the outermost shell.
  • can you also help me understand the structure of an atom?!
  • is this atom on the periodic table?!
  • this is a simple diagram of the atom.
  • the periodic table is divided into groups and periods, groups are classified by the number of valence electrons, and periods is the number of electron shells.silicon is located, group 14 or 4, and period 2. it is also in the the non-metals section of the periodic table.
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