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The Story of Job
Updated: 9/24/2020
The Story of Job
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  • There once lived a happy and prosperous man named Job. He had a large, loving family, a comfortable home and plenty of livestock.
  • Satan challenged God by telling him that Job only worshipped him because he had been rewarded. Satan then suggested to take everything good away from Job. God gave permission for Satan to inflict suffering on Job.
  • Satan took everything from Job including his whole family and his livestock. Despite his pain and sorrow, Job continued to pray to God.
  • Dear God, I do not understand why this has happened but it must be your will. Please help me.
  • Job's friends came to visit him to see how he was. They said that God was good and just and that he must have had a reason to make Job suffer. His friends then started to come up with reasons why Job angered God. After each one, Job defended himself as he was innocent.
  • You must have sinned and angered God.
  • Job wanted God to explain why he was making him suffer. God came in the form of a storm cloud and showed Job how detailed the world was and that God knew every last part of it.
  • God restored double what Job lost. Job was once again happy. Although Job never understood why God made him suffer, he learnt that he could trust God's wisdom.
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