Ancient Rome life
Updated: 6/5/2020
Ancient Rome life
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  • Life in Ancient Rome
  • Life in Rome is good! My dad's a farmer and he has to pay taxes for the economy of Rome!Because we don't have very good farmers here!
  • Aqueducts
  • Sure! We have all the water in the world in Rome!
  • Mom, may I take a bath today?
  • Get back here, boy. It's not a holiday today. You still need to work!
  • Entertainment
  • But I love going to Circus Maximus!
  • Life in Rome was good, the emperors tried everything to keep the citizens happy and to prevent rebellion. They built a colosseum, water supply, food department, free wheat, Circus Maximus, and taxes.
  • Bread and Circus
  • Why work hard if I get free entertainment and free handouts?
  • Rome had a stable, well planned water supply. There was a system of aqueducts all around Rome that carried 200 billion gallons of water, to reach many locations. People could have baths everyday!
  • Farming and Taxes
  • Entertainment in Rome was very big and prosperous. They built a colosseum in Rome that seated many and held shows and gladiator fights. Rome enjoyed blood and battle. They also declared holidays and created Circus Maximus, to watch chariot races on holidays.
  • Surplus
  • If the government gifts us free things, why should we work hard to earn others?
  • Even though Rome was a peaceful place and everyone was treated to be happy. There was no work getting done. They gave free wheat and food, and holiday, with entertainment for unemployed citizens to enjoy. So if Rome gave this much, why work to earn it?
  • In Rome many people needed to work the farm land. The farmers of Rome had to pay taxes that payed for the city. Whatever surplus farmers made Rome needed. Being taxed is why people didn't work hard, why work to give all the money you earn away?
  • My husband shouldn't get taxed as a farmer!
  • Farmers didn't care about their government if they were getting taxed. Every farmer was not working hard to grow a surplus.
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