Unknown Story

Updated: 3/8/2021
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Title
  • Kareem
  • Characters And Story
  • Ms. Lanier
  • Classmates
  • Problems
  • I have many questions to ask
  • I want to tell you a story about how mountains formed
  • A trip to the Andes
  • Events
  • Kareem, Ms.Lanier, classmates setting: The Andes Mountains, early morning light, on the southern coast of Peru the story is realistic fiction
  • Solutions
  • Kareem was so happy to see Andes mountains, he wants to learn about the geography of his country, he had many questions to ask his teacher, but she didn’t answer because she wanted to tell them a story
  • Theme
  • Kareem went to the field trip with his teacher and his classmates, because he wanted to study science while he is climbing, many questions came to his mind, he asked his teacher but his teacher didn’t answer, because she wanted to tell them a story about how the mountains formedafter ms Lanier finished her story, Kareem asked her and she answered him
  • Kareem waited till his teacher finished her story, he told her Miss can I ask you more questions, and the teacher said sure
  • Can I ask you a question
  • Sure
  • I learned from this story, that I must be patient, I must wait till my teacher finish her talking, then I can ask my question.
  • We must be patient, and don’t interrupt our teacher when she is talking, wait till she finish, the we can ask a question