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Max and May 3
Updated: 9/19/2020
Max and May 3
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  • OK, I know this is uncomfortable but these bandits have been killing people around these parts and it is my strong belief that they are after me. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that we hide here. I do not doubt they will spend a few days ransacking the place as my castle is very big. We will spend the night here on the mattresses brought down here un case of emergency and then we will move into my secret refuge in the woods. Well, I guess I didn't need to tell you to sleep.
  • It's me! John! The Duke? I'm in disguise. What do you think? Pretty cool right?
  • Well, it's certainly very convincing.
  • Who the heck are you?
  • This house is AMAZING!
  • Yes. It is much, much bigger on the inside. I won't tell you my secrets but let's just say I have some friends who helped me out. In answer to Max's question. You are to call me Mr Mill. I am you great uncle who is staying with you while he looks for a job.
  • Umm, since you are in disguise we can't call you "Your Grace" so can I call you Bob?
  • Wow! Everywhere in this room is comfy! The floor, the bed, the windowsill. It's incredible!
  • As you may remember how in the previous Max and May story, a bunch of bandits came and attacked the Duke's palace meaning that Grandma, May, Max, Zamma and the Duke all had to go to the secret underground bunker. Thankfully the girls at least had the sense to put on some other clothes underneath their dresses. The boys however, are currently stuck in an underground bunker hiding from bandits in clothes that are designed for dinner parties.
  • Guys,
  • As soon as dawn breaks the Duke wakes everyone up and they head into the wood to a small cottage. He provides everyone with a few pairs of clothes and they get changed. Although the cottage doesn't look impressive on the outside, the inside is really quite modern. In addition, the Duke has a very convincing disguise that fools everyone in the cottage.
  • After getting over the shock of the Duke's disguise, everyone goes to explore. On top half of this box is all the rooms in the house and on the bottom is everyone having breakfast. It seems to everyone that the house is much, much bigger on the inside then the outside may suggest.
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