3 Regions Project

Updated: 9/10/2021
3 Regions Project

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  • The colonies in New England had to deal with harsh winters. There was no much fertile soil so they fished most their food. The very cold temperatures in the winter helped stop diseases from spreading as fast as in the warmer colonies. The dominating's religion was puritans.
  • we must send out our best hunters to get us food before winter hits.
  • And I will focus on making more coats for the people.
  • The climate in the Middle colonies was fairly moderate, still facing cold winters, but warm summers as well. The colonists were known as "Breadbaskets" and lived by harbors for shipping and fishing. There was no single dominating religion. William Penn was the one who received a royal charter to start this new colony.
  • Ill check up on the ships before we send them off
  • Ill tend to the crops right now
  • The southern colonies had much warmer summers and mild winters. Their whole industry was basically farming since they had great soil and lived near water. The main religion was Anglican. An important person was James Oglethorpe who had a plan to make their colony a haven for debtors.
  • Everyone with debt will flock to our colony to escape england!
  • That's a great idea, We will have hard workers now!