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Daimyo storyboard
Updated: 9/27/2018
Daimyo storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Emperor's Throne
  • Can you give me land Emperor?
  • Only in Return for your support
  • Snowy Shrine
  • Come work for me on my Land because I want to stop using my relatives as soldiers. I can pay you in yen
  • Ok my lord would you like me to bring some more samurai to your land as well
  • Snowy village night-time
  • Move out of my way merchant, too bad you were born into a merchant family
  • Sorry my lord but i am just here to trade for goods. Would you like to buy some silverware
  • The Emperor with his wife on their thrones while he is appointing a Daimyo
  • Field
  • I need to gather more land so I can be the strongest of the Daimyo and become Shogun
  • A samurai at a training shrine In winter
  • Blacksmith's workshop
  • What would you like my lord
  • I need you to make weapons and leather tunic's for my Samurai army
  • How merchants got treated, Still winter
  • Emperor's Throne
  • I cannot let you take my spot even if i have to fight for it
  • The Daimyo wanting to gain more land so he can become stronger
  • The Artisan and the Daimyo, the Daimyo is now a military leader
  • The Daimyo arguing to become the new shogun
  • Lord Shogun i have come here to take your place as shogun i have more land and more samurai
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