Updated: 1/17/2020
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  • How can I make the government work in a way that benefits me?
  • We need a new emperor!
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  • I could use this chaos to my advantage!
  • Corruption caused the Han Dynasty to fall. There were wars and three kingdoms formed in this time. The fighting didn't end when three powerful warlords took over. During this period, there was chaos and civil war.
  • Li Yuan had a really good idea to create schools.
  • The Wei Kingdon took over the Shu-Han Kingdom and Wu. Wudi the Wei general turned against the Wei emperier and took the power. Wudi named the empire the Jin Dynasty. When Wudi died there was much fighting and unrest. The Dynasty ended because of fighting.
  • Emperor Wendi used the chaos to his advantage and created the Sui Dynasty. He used many politics that the Han used. and was the beginning of a golden age. After Wendi's death, Yangdi lost power because of him being greedy and cruel. There was famine and rebellion caused by a war that Yangdi started with Korea.
  • Li Yuan, a general of the Sui Dynasty, led a group in rebbelion and created the Tang Dynasty. The Tang had many great achievements like the Grand Canal and schools for civil servie candidates to study. Li Yuan built of the good Sui ideas and avoided their mistakes. Cultural was spreadduring this time on the Silk Road and the golden age was brought to a high extent.
  • Rebellions broke out in the northeast. Eventualy when the rebellion died out, but the unity was already broken. China broke into five kingdoms. Millitary inspector-general, Taizu seased the throne and created the Song Dynasty.
  • The Song Dynasty was also a golden age. There were many acheivements like civil service exams, reasturants, food markets, theaters, and festivals. They created paper money and movable type. They also created the first mechanical clock driven by water. There was also two different farming innovations, the plow and the harrow. Trade also florished.
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