Science R&J
Updated: 5/20/2020
Science R&J

Storyboard Text

  • Of course I cant wait to spend time with you
  • Hey,you ready for the plan?
  • OH NO !!!
  • But thats so hard there are over a million pieces this will take over a week
  • Now seprate the salt from the pepper
  • Because they were living in the 2020s during the coronavirus they could not spend time together so they both applied for a delivery job so that they would be together all the time but then this happens
  • Now you have to make a deathly magic potion
  • But we dont want anyone dead
  • They accidentally give some food to Romeo´s aunt and they plead her to not tell their parents so she says I won´t tell them unless you do these three tasks and that they had to come tomorrow morning to complete the first task.
  • What but we are going to die
  • Now drink the potion
  • They spent hours seprating the salt from the pepper when they had finally finished the aunts starts cracking with laughter oh you silly children I didn´t mean that you only had to separate the containers.No wonder this took so long, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • The next day they had to make a deathly potion those smart kids weren´t going to make one because they didn´t want her to use it on anyone so they gave her the ´deadly´ potion saying that it was deadly
  • Them knowing that the potion was deadly drank the potion and pertended to start suffocating and dying and the witchy aunt left them their to rot
  • They ran away from her aunts house and went to live in a place very far away where no one could ever find them and lived happily ever after