Life Map 2
Updated: 3/18/2020
Life Map 2

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Social Entrepreneurship Course

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  • Finally, I decided to study at ITESM Querétaro. There, I found one of my passions: ELECTRUM, a student group dedicated to the construction of electric cars for racing as we encourage environmental awareness, where I am currently the Treasurer. I am very proud to say that we are the current champions.Whenever I am working with the group I feel totally in FLOW. This group has made me feel thankful for the university I am in and the opportunities it has, and made aware that education and valuable learnings not only come from academic classes, but also from rich experiences as this one.
  • I had a CONFLUENCE moment where I realized that if I wish to make an improvement in education I have to begin with my own school. Therefore, I became the Vicepresident of SAIMA, the Mechanical Engineering Student Society. I wish to make a change in education, for it to be the best as it can be. And by being Vicepresident I want to listen to my fellow students regarding their needs, their complains and their wishes in order to make their academic experience a very good one.
  • - Events- Planning- Financials- Social Media- Sponsors
  • I wish to continue guiding my actions and experiences towards the improvement of the environment, technologies, and my own education and others' as well. I want to share with others my experiences and my mindset to spread on them some ambition and the wish to make whatever changes they wish to see and take action.