Updated: 1/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I have an idea for something that could improve the rate at which we renovate our houses
  • Okay that's a great idea! why don't you complete the online form and send it off
  • wow this is much easier than having to go through a person and several paper forms. I can just simply go onto the application and submit an idea
  • Form completedCheck your projects progress through this -link-
  • This project seems feasible I think I will approve it and assign members to this project
  • Change idea submitted by Chris
  • Approve
  • Great! my idea for a change project has been approved now I can easily track the progress of it using this tool instead of having to chase up people and look through various places to find what I need
  • Project XYZ
  • Project Overview
  • The project has been progressing very well, being able to visualise the progress and tasks needed to be done has been a major help to managing it