the lottery

Updated: 9/16/2021
the lottery

Storyboard Text

  • The Gathering
  • Mystery
  • Suprise
  • This was a beautiful day with a bright sun and clear skies. Kids playing during their summer break. Flowers that are bright and beautiful. The author states, "The people of the village began to gather in the square, between the post office and the bank". So then the whole village started to gather in the morning.
  • The stoning
  • So the whole village began to gather. The men started to gather and the woman started to gather the kids too. In the text the author states, " The postmaster, Mr. Graves, followed him, carrying a three-legged stool, and the stool was put in the center of the square and Mr. Summers". A mysterious black box makes people realize what is going on.
  • This was when the lottery start to happen. The lottery is what they do every year, to lessen their population. Each village person will pick one paper out of the black box. In the text the author states, "Bill Hutchinson went over to his wife and forced the slip of paper out of her hand. It had a black spot on it." This is when they figured out who the chosen one is.
  • Now the lottery is coming to an ending. They have found out that Mrs. Hutchinson was the one with the black dot. Tessie was devastate that she was the one. But the villagers knew what had to be done, In the text the author states, "..she held her hands out desperately as the villagers moved in on her. "It isn't fair", she said. A stone hit her on the side of the head." Then the stoning happened and the lottery came to an end.