Asia's Environmental Issues
Updated: 4/3/2020
Asia's Environmental Issues
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  • Yes, many people use biomass fuels which increase the indoor air pollution which is harmful for the humans.
  • Hey Brea! No problem I love helping my friends study. So, the main cause of air pollution is the growth of the industry and population.
  • Hey Maria! I'm glad you could make it. First, lets talk about air pollution in China and India.
  • Hi mom we were talking about the causes and effects of water pollution on the Yangtze River.
  • Yes, that's exactly right. The flooding on the Ganges River as badly impacted people health.
  • I learned in class that some of the outcomes are things like bad health for humans.
  • Hi girls! What exactly are you girls studying?
  • Hi Mrs. James, I was telling Brea about the causes and effects of the water pollution like sewage and waste water.
  • Yeah, I also learned about the causes and effects of flooding in China and India. Like the one of the causes are parts of india and china being located near waterways.
  • That's right Brea! the flooding can damage soil and make areas practically inhabitable.
  • Have you ever heard of a monsoon?... My teacher said that people think they are a "mixed blessing".
  • Yes, monsoons are a mixed blessing because even though they cause majority of the flooding, they help farmers because they rely on rainfall
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