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Vaccine Storyboard
Updated: 9/25/2020
Vaccine Storyboard
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  • Mom! How do vaccines work?
  • Well, it's kind of like putting sunscreen on at the beach for protection! We get vaccines to prevent us from getting sick in the future like we put on sunscreen to protect our skin..
  • When getting a vaccine, we are exposing our bodies to inactive molecules from the pathogen called antigens, so we don't get sick, but our body's immune system can practice fighting off this specific virus or bacteria. That way, if this pathogen enters our body the next time, we will be able to fight it off and stay safe!
  • Yep! And the flu is a virus that is always changing, so we have to get a new shot every year that fights off the new mutation of the flu. This can happen with other diseases too! Vaccines only protect against one kind of disease at a time until a new vaccine is made to fight the mutation.
  • That's so cool! So when we get a flu shot, it helps protect us from the flu virus?
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