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ABC Final Assessment
Updated: 10/8/2020
ABC Final Assessment
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  • Gatekeeping
  • I'll show him..
  • Hey, I'm new here could I try out for the basketball team?
  • No, your to short and short kids aren't good.
  • I won't be judged based on that I'm short
  • Should I raise my hand or not. What will the others think of me?
  • Self-Acceptance
  • You know what, I'm done being nervous of other people judging me. I will raise my hand if I know the answer.
  • School ends in 8 hours and 293 seconds
  • I would kill for tacos right about now.
  • What's 2+2?
  • 2+2 =
  • Satire of Stereotypes
  • *nose sniffles* I do not.
  • Why do you dress like that you look like a nerd.
  • I won't get made fun of my clothes anymore
  • This page represents gatekeeping. The top panel shows me asking if I could try out of the basketball team, but another senior player tells me no because I'm to short. To me the senior doesn't seem very open to new ideas or very likeable at all. Then, I go home and feel sad/mad the rest of the day. This resembles gatekeeping because the player is not letting me try out for the team even though I'm really good because I'm short.
  • In the top panel, it shows me contemplating whether or not I should raise my hand or not because I thought others would judge me as a nerd or something. Clearly, that's not the case nobody cares or will judge me based on if I answer or not. Then, I accept that I should just be myself and raise my hand if I know the answer. The fake identity I had was that I'm this cool person and don't answer any questions. Then, I shed it and showed that I'm smart.
  • Me I know the answer
  • In the top panel, it shows a bully saying that my clothes are very nerdy. Then, I get sad and don't want to be made fun of anymore because of my clothes so I change my clothes to a more modern style. This is unnecessary because I like the clothes I wear and I changed it because I didn't want to get bullied anymore. I could've just stood up to the bully.
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