Storyboard/ Amoni Washington
Updated: 2/19/2020
Storyboard/ Amoni Washington
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  • Lennie
  • Wanted
  • But
  • Lennie is a very kindhearted. He likes very soft things, and he is very antisocial. The only person he really listens to is George. They are on there way to find a new job.
  • So
  • Lennie wants to have his dream farm with George. He wants to be able to tend to and take care of the rabbits.
  • Then
  • Every job him and George have had so far they have gotten fired from. Lennie got them fired from the last job because he wouldn't let go of a girls dress. She filed a claim that he molested her so they got fired. They don't have enough money yet to fulfill their dream.
  • Theme
  • Lennie and his friend George traveled miles South of Soledad to get to a new job so they can live out their dream and have their dream house. George tells Lennie to let him do all the talking so he doesn't ruin this job for them. They end up getting the job and start living in a bunk house.
  • They ended up getting the job and Lennie go put to work. People said he was as strong as a bull. He had to rassel grain bags and drive the cultivator. They went through a lot of stuff. Lennie almost got into it with Curly because he laughed at him. He would always get in trouble almost ruining his chances to tend to the rabbits.
  • Lennie learned that in order for him to be able to tend to the rabbits when they get their new home he has to get it together. He has to work hard and stay out of trouble. The more he gets in trouble the more mad George gets.
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