Alexis World Geo

Updated: 9/30/2021
Alexis World Geo

Storyboard Text

  • plate tetonics
  • my plates created a mountain!
  • Push Factors
  • give me your money
  • i hate high crime rate places im out of here!
  • dictatorship
  • yes sir
  • go get me supper before i shoot you
  • When plate tectonics collide they form land forms such as mountains.
  • map
  • Push factors are negative reasons to move somewhere like high crime rate.
  • modify
  • finally made me home bigger and better.
  • Dictators are people who choose to rule and take over power on their own.
  • developed
  • d'oh finally bought a house in a developed region.
  • maps help find location
  • lets take out the map
  • im the map, where's Canada.
  • modifying is making something different or better for an environment.
  • Developed regions often have nicer things and more stuff to buy.