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Updated: 10/5/2018
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  • You may not pass!!! -Great Britian
  • Proclamation Act (1763)
  • The Stamp Act and Its Repeal (1765)
  • British approved
  • British approved
  • British approved
  • British approved
  • Townshend Acts (1765)
  • Oh my!!! The British are here
  • *Knock Knock*
  • This proclamation forbid settlers to advance beyond the Appalachian Mountains. This allowed England to control the westward expansion. The expansion would only be on British terms. Most Indian tribes liked the line so they will no longer be bothered by the settlers. But this only made settlers more tempted to cross.
  • Boston Massacre (1770)
  • Colonist were taxed for all paper goods including newspapers, magazines, and all legal documents. Colonist were very angry and felt as if they couldn't be taxed without their consent. Patrick Henery called for a repeal on this act or the king would face mutiiny.
  • Boston Tea Party (1773)
  • Charles Townshend was the British treasury secretary. He enacted quartering which required the colonist to provide any British soilder a home, supplies, food, and whatever they needed. The colonist were anger but it wasn't about the quartering that angered them it was providing the supplies and the soidliers not paying a single thing.
  • The Intolerable Act (1774)
  • The colonist got into an argument with a British soldier after mocking him. The argument worsened and more people began to show up. Over 50 colonist showed up and more British troop came to "handle the situation." People were throwing items and an item hit Montgomery, a private soldier, which knocked him down. When Montgomery got up someone yelled out "fire" so the British fired killing 5 silvans. 13 people were charged (including 8 British troops)all were sent to trial; 6 of the 8 solders were found innocent and 2 of them were guilty.
  • England not only taxed paper but also taxed all the tea. Tea was everybody's favorite in the colonies and Britain so England made it so that they can ONLY buy from one company. And the company took advantage of that and over charged their tea. In 1773 342 chests of tea was thrown into the harbor. The colonist dressed as Indians as they attacked but the British knew it was the colonist.
  • Because of the Boston Tea Party the British closed the port of Boston and reduced self -government. Now people that were accused had to be tried in England, and now you must quater troops once again. All these new rules sparked new resistance throughout the colonies.
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