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"Of Mice and Men" AM
Updated: 10/9/2020
"Of Mice and Men"    AM
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  • Oh no, go away, Geogre says he won't let me tend em rabbits if I talk to you! Go away!! Now!
  • ''Of Mice And Men''
  • I thought you were one of the nice guys! I can never have friends. I'll go now!!
  • ''Of Mice And Men''
  • George we can finnaly get that ol' place of ours! Pack your things!!!
  • George, George, I acn tend em rabbits! Right George?! Let's get outta here George!
  • George, Candy.... The place is ours!! Pack your ol' stuff, we leaving! Now George calm down.
  • ''Of Mice And Men''
  • Look George! There's rabits! There's rabbits! Oh man this is prutty!
  • Oh George! Our dream coming true! Let's get inside George!!!
  • Okay guys! We still got alot to do! But for now, look at our new ol' place!
  • In this scene, Lennie kicks Curleys wife out of the barn and refuses to talk to her. Lennie then tells her to go away so she did. Lennie stayed away from her because he remmebered what George told him about her. Now they no longer are talking and she isn't flirting with Lennie anymore. After this scene, Lennie goes out the barn and goes with George and Candy.
  • In this scene, George tells Lennie and Candy that he finnally has the money to buy the little place they have been wanting to own! All three of the men were very happy as you can see! Lennie was excited to finnally tend the rabbits! They now are packing their things and leaving The ranch. Finnally having their own place is finally coming true after all the planning and working.
  • They walked for about 2 hours, and finnally got to their place! It was very spacious, it had many rabbits and plants. The house itself was perfect size for them Lennie, George & Candy couldn't be anymore happier to finnally have their own place without anyone bossing them around! It will take time for them to settle in but for now, they are enjoying this great chapter in their life.
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