Updated: 3/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Kathy walks down the corridor to new classroom
  • In the classroom
  • Swing set discussion between Blaire and Kyra
  • High angle, long shot. Soft, slow paced music and loud, clacking of Kathy's shoes. 5 seconds
  • Blaire picks on Kathy and Chloe witnesses
  • Mid shot as Kathy enters the classroom and sits down. Class chatters inaudibly. 10 seconds.
  • Kathy has anxiety attack
  • Conversation is clearly audible and muffled chatter of children in background, 2MS. 15 seconds
  • Kathy is in sickbay
  • KATHY sits at a bench chewing her lunch. Long shot but talking is still very audible. Chloe is in the foreground. 30 SECONDS
  • Fast- pasted ominous, apprehensive music that gradually increases volume. Blaire's voice is distorted but the Voiceover in Kathy's head is very loud and it hisses. Extreme close up of Kathy that zooms in.10 SECONDS
  • conversation is clearly audible and everything else is silent except for teacher's footsteps and rustling of sheets. 8 SECONDS