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act 1
Updated: 6/16/2020
act 1
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  • there's only one T in Typhoo
  • consumerism will destroy Alan !
  • Alan really was a lovely young boy
  • The play begins with seventeen-year-old Alan Strang standing in a spotlight, tenderly hugging a horse called Nugget, Salomon comes to Dysart's office and begins to tell him about Alan. Dysart begins his first appointment with Alan, Alan responds to Dysart with jinglesDysart tries and fails to engage with Alan's singing, so he calls for the nurse to take Alan to the private bedroom where he will be staying.
  • what is Ek ?
  • Dysart stands alone onstage and narrates to the audience a dream he had abut sacrificing hundreds of children. Later he tells Hesther about this dream. following this Dysart mentions "Ek" and Alans nightmare .As he goes on to discuss Alan's father forbidding him from watching television, the scene shifts to an interaction between Alan and his parents, Dora Strang and Frank Strang. Frank is yelling about how the television will destroy Alan mentally
  • Dysart arrives at the Strang household. Dora tells Dysart about . She tells a story about a book she used to read to Alan as a child, about a horse named Prince that nobody could ride. Frank then joins the conversation and speaks about a photograph he gave Alan of a white horse that still hangs in his room. They discuss Alan's exposure to sex and whether or not he is knowledgeable about the subject, and Dora becomes upset.
  • AMEN !
  • Alan has a nightmare and begins to shout the word "Ek" in his sleep. Dysart goes to Alan's room to observe himDysart asks Alan if he dreams often. Alan refuses to answer until Dysart agrees that they can take turns questioning each other. Alan answers Dysart's original question: his first memory of a horse was on a beach.
  • Alan is six years old, digging a sandcastle at the beach, and a young man comes by on his horse. The man invites Alan to pet the horse, named Trojan, and lifts him up on to the horse's neck.The horseman insists that it is not dangerous at all, but despite Alan's protests, Frank still pulls Alan off the horse, and he accidentally falls in the process.
  • Alan describes being in this field to Dysart. He takes off all his clothes and bears himself completely to the horse, his God. He takes a stick into his mouth, calling it a "manbit," as a horse wears a bitAlan finally mounts Nugget (calling him Equus) and begins to chant the words he chanted in his bedroom in front of the horse photographThe act ends with a powerful sexual climax in praise of Equus as Alan shouts "AMEN!
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