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N5 Media part 3
Updated: 2/20/2019
N5 Media part 3
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Storyboard Text

  • It doesn't look good for Spencer........
  • The doctors diagnosis 
  • Breaking the News to Spencer
  • The next shot we see is Spencer being rushed through the hospital and we hear the background noise of "Is that Spencer?" we will then see a high shot of the ceiling as Spencer is moving along on the bed as soon as she gets into her private room, slow intense music will play again, to make the audience wonder if Spencer is going to be okay.
  • A "Friendly" Visitor 
  • We will see a stop motion shot of the doctors trying to treat Spencer, while this happening, intense fast music will begin to play, we will occasionally hear some of the doctors use doctors "words," we will then hear their conversation when the come up with their conclusion, that Spencer will suffer from Brain Damage. It will then slowly fade to black
  • A Look Over Her Life
  • When the doctors break the news to Spencer slow piano music will play to show how heartbroken Spencer is about how heartbroken she is about her brain damage, the doctor then leaves, and Spencer breaks down into tears, again the slow piano music will play and it will slowly fade to black. 
  • A Final Goodbye
  • When an unfriendly doctor comes into Spencer's room scary/intense music will start to play. Once the doctor gives her piece of dialogue the intense music will stop playing, and Spencer will attempt to get out of her bed and when she does, the doctor will push her backwards, this shot will be in slow motion, then we will see a quick shot of the hospital equipment she is about to fall onto, then we will hear nothing but her heartbeat, then it will cut to black
  • Spencer sits and reflects over everything that has happened and thinks that she will never be able to do the work she loves because on her injury, at this point slow upsettin music will play, Spencer will then get up out of her bed and slam the door, it will then again cut to black.
  • DSpencer leaves her room and climbs the stairs up to the top floor, as she does this the song SkyScraper by Demi Lovato will start to play and Spencer will start to cry as she climbs up the stairs. When she gets to the top of the roof of the building, people will start screaming Spencer's name, but she ignores them, and as soon as we hear the main part of the song, Spencer will fall forward a little, and then it will cut to black, and the credits roll
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