the one with the lion
Updated: 6/2/2020
the one with the lion

Storyboard Description

as they where playing jumanj a lion came out and jumped on the piano

Storyboard Text

  • Judy, peter and jumanji
  • the one with the lion
  • monkeys have come to invade
  • Judy and peter where bored and found a board game called jumanji
  • the rain came inside
  • as they where playing jumanjy a lion came out of no where and went on the piano
  • the fly who had a sleeping potion
  • they went back to jumanji and then they heard banging from the kitchen
  • the stamped and Python innovation
  • as they continue the game there are a few rain drops that turn into a big rain storm inside the house and then i weird guy with a map came along
  • peter got bitten by a fly who had something inside you that makes you go to sleep
  • a bunch of rhinos and pythons come to the house and take over the hallway