Theseus And The Minotaur

Updated: 5/21/2020
Theseus And The Minotaur

Storyboard Text

  • Although you want to be brave, I do not want you to die later on.
  • The Plan
  • As Prince of Athens I have decided to go and save my people by killing Minotaur!
  • The Adventure
  • Now it is time to go dad. If I succeed I will change the flag orange to white.
  • The Arrival
  • I have come to kill the minotaur.I'm not scared of it at all.
  • Yesterday I was gloomy,that as changed now.
  • That is no way to speak to me.LAST YEAR YOU KILLED MY SON!
  • Long ago there was a cruel king named Minos. He was the King of Crete. He was very mad and sad because in the Athenians Games his son got killed and he blamed the Athenians. As revenge he demanded that the King of Athens send 7 men and women each year, to come to Crete as a sacrifice. He fed them to the powerful Minotaur. The fearless Prince of Athens, Theseus, did not like what was going on so he decided to hatch a Plan!
  • The Defeat
  • I did it! My dad will be pleased.
  • Dread spread throughout Athens because of the ninth year curse, fierce prince Theseus was raged. He begged his gloomy father to go as one of the sacrifices so that he can kill the minotaur. With a sad heart agreed but with one condition."If you succeed change the flag orange to white." Theseus agreed so he got on the boat and went.
  • The Goodbye
  • Later that day the Athenians were thrown into jail after they arrived by king minos's guards. Eventually Princess Ariadne found the right moment to sneak around king minos so that she can get into the prison. Finally she found Theseus and offered him a deal Theseus agreed to take her to Athens  in exchange she gives some string and a sword to help him on his quest.
  • The Tragedy
  • Now it's time to help e escape from my Father.
  • At the crack of dawn, furious Kind mino's decided a terrible death was a better choice for Theseus so threw him in the labyrinth. Do you think the monster will viciously kill Theseus? Luckily he defeated the monster with his sharp sword and his bravery. He escaped with the string. Later on, in the darkness, Theseus took Ariadne and the Athenians back to Athens on the boat.
  • Unfortunately cheeky Thesus broke the deal. He purposefully tricked the relieved Ariadne off the boat and left her behind. At least she was safer there than being on the Island with her Father.
  • Unfortunately Thesus was in a rush when he swiftly left Crete and regrettably he forgot to change the sails. Tragedy was ahead of him. The apprehensive King of Athens saw the black sails and believed his son to be dead so with a sorrowful heart he plunged off the cliff and Thesus became a sad lonely King.