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Updated: 3/26/2020
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  • Liza and David are speaking, while Jenny is coming.
  • Hi guys. Well, Liza, I came by car. Why are you asking me? You ask me every day?!
  • Hi Jenny!! How did you come to school, I mean, by bus, on foot...?
  • She has her point, Jenny. You know what' s she like.
  • David wants to know if Jenny understands the greenhouse effect.
  • No. What is it?
  • Well, because... Do you know what the Greenhouse effect is?
  • Liza is explaining what the greenhouse effect is and she is giving some examples.
  • Wow!! I didn't know all of these things..
  • The greenhouse effect is the amount of gases, CO2 and CH4. They accumulate in the ozone layer and they break the layer, so the solar radiation will get here. The ice is melting , sea levels are rising and it is damaging the flora and fauna.
  • They imagine the scene, in the poles.
  • Thinking of it... It's very important. What things can we do to stop it?
  • It's very important Jenny, If the layer breaks, we will die.
  • The three of the teenagers are imaging the scene of the sea level.
  • That's easy Jenny! Simly walk more, ride your bike to school or other places, dont´go by car, use the public transport if necessary. Also try to recycle more, eat fresh food, plant trees, herbs, plants, use less plastic.
  • And what about using more public transport?
  • Jenny learns what the greenhouse effect is, and she learns a lesson.
  • Hahahahaha
  • Now remember Jenny. Tomorrow come on foot.
  • Good points!!
  • Yes, I will. Trust me.
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