Life Map
Updated: 3/11/2020
Life Map

Storyboard Text

  • Growing up close to my mother´s job, she is a language therapist and works with disabled children. I got to see their struggle but also what they were capable of.
  • At age 12 I volunteered at an orphanage and met a girl whose father used to burn her hands if she misbehaved, there I learned how forgotten kids in need were.
  • At the begining of high school I wanted to study International Relationships, to help kids around the world, I entered the International BaccaIaureate and realized...
  • Industrial Design can help too!
  • At age 16 I volunteered in a kids program and along with my firends we made her dream of knowing the beach come true. Hard work pays off.
  • Almost at the end of highschool a friend and I created a workshop for kids with cancer, for them to make personalized princess crochet wigs.
  • Not all the kids were as thrilled as we imagined...
  • At 21 my mom asked me to design a therapy room for kids with sensory integration dysfunction. It is currently opperating and kids are having enormous progress with it.