Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Once upon in the city called Kigo, In that city there is a family.The family is very glad Mike was with his family in the backyard
  • OMG! Yeah Darling I think that is a good idea
  • Honey I bought a dog and We want to go to The turtle island.
  • They start with him travel and they search the best route.
  • After many hours driving, Loren asks Mike.
  • Mike are you sure that this is the correct way?.
  • Then that their conversation, They continue enjoy the landscape.
  • Yes, I´m sure don´t worry honey
  • Dropped the night and they take a rest, because Mike drove for many hours.
  • They started hear a sound weir. It was a hungry bear that only was searching food.
  • In the morning they leave the forest and follow their way.
  • Finally arrived their destination after three days drove.
  • The Turtle Island