The Bear-English class: Ana

Updated: 5/21/2020
The Bear-English class: Ana

Storyboard Text

  • I’m tell you a story about 2 girls. These girls were leaving the school, when they saw the school bus was broken, but the problem was they had to pass a dark forest.
  • Nina and Molly were talking about the test, they did before
  • The test was so easy. Molly, see what’s going on?
  • Oh no! The bus broke we need to walk home.
  • The “dark forest”, the scariest forest ever, and unfortunately the way to Molly’s house
  • We can call your mom!
  • We can do this after?!
  • No, we need to be brave.
  • They were walking and just before they finally got home, they heard something strange.
  • No, don’t have any ghost here.
  • Yes, but has A BEAR!!!
  • Molly, what’s it? A GHOST!!
  • I’m sorry!!
  • Ok, no problem and if we up that’s tree?!
  • They were running and Nina was so angry.
  • As soon as they got home, Molly’s mom was waiting for them and she wasn’t happy.
  • Where the ladies are?
  • Oh mom, it’s a very long story.
  • Hi, Mrs. Jackson