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Inference Project-Lifted: Scenes 1-6
Updated: 10/19/2020
Inference Project-Lifted: Scenes 1-6
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Storyboard Text

  • Scene 1: Opening
  • *chirp chirp*
  • *chirp chirp*
  • Scene 2: Sleeping Peacefully
  • "ZzzZzZ..Zz"
  • Scene 3: Mysterious Light
  • As the night grows darker, the only sounds heard are those of the singing crickets, "chirp, chirp". The wind howls as the deep blue night sky awaits the shine of morning.
  • Scene 4: UFO Appears
  • Si-hyuk lies in the soft, velvety bed asleep, lost in dreamland. He slept like a dead man and only faint snores could be heard in the quiet and peaceful room.
  • Scene 5: Si-Hyuk Levatates
  • BOOM! A sudden blue light appears out of nowhere, with glitz and shimmer, the entire room is now covered by this mysterious glow.
  • Scene 6: Jungkook Forgets Codes
  • What is he doing..?
  • I forgot how to do this! Oh no...
  • The sudden blue light trails down to silver, singing objects deep into the dark blue sky. It's an alien UFO!? The UFO is as big as an entire galaxy!
  • *scans house*
  • *scans house*
  • Si-hyuk starts floating off his bed and onto the air as he starts floating. He is still sleeping so his beauty rest is not disturbed by this new sensation.
  • *bzz bzz bzz*
  • Taehyung(left) and Jungkook(right) are both Aliens from Planet Bangtan in JinHit Universe. Jungkook is partaking in the APC or Alien Power Control test in which he has to test his skills and Taehyung will be grading him to see if he passes as an alien.
  • "uhh...I totally know this"
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