Updated: 9/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Nanny: oh janie! Ya know better! you need a man with money...kisses like that are dirty, like wet poop.
  • Janie: But nanny! The blossom and the bee. I want a connection, so natural, like that.
  • *After Janie haves her first kiss with Jonie Taylor*
  • Logan(In his mind): This is goodbye....
  • *After Janie marries Logan Kilicks, she meets Joe Starcks and decides to leave Logan*
  • janie: I comin' Joe!
  • Joe Starks: Oh Janie! A lil lady like you deserves the whole world. That's why we goin' to a new place were I can be a leader, a true one.
  • Janie: Oh my... Oh to see a new place.
  • *Janie leaves with Joe to a Eatonvile to form a build a better life*