Beowulf Storyboard
Updated: 10/9/2018
Beowulf Storyboard
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  • It was a normal, common day for the Geats and the king of Herot, Hrothgar. The kingdom had experienced a long time of happiness and peace.
  • Life is wonderful!
  • However, in just one night all peace was disrupted when Grendel, a devious monster, silently entered Herot Hall and murdered more than thirty Geats.
  • We never imagined this would happen! We need help!
  • Due to the lack of King Hrothgar's courage, Herot was in desperate need of a savior that could defeat Grendel. A brave knight named Beowulf decided to battle the creature and eventually defeated it.
  • I will fight you with my bare hands and succeed!
  • After his victorious win, Beowulf's abilities were put to test when Grendel's grieving mother looked to avenge his death. After a lot of obstacles, Beowulf yet again managed to prove himself and heroically defeated her.
  • I will do whatever it takes to defeat you, no matter how hard it will be!
  • Many years later, an old and weakened Beowulf was compelled to face one last battle. A vicious dragon was determined to take away all his glory along with his life. Nonetheless, the end of the battle resulted in the death of both.
  • I would rather die fighting than back down! I accept my fate.
  • Even though Beowulf died in the battle with the dragon, his memory was forever remembered and appreciated by the Geats. Beowulf will forever be their savior in times of need.
  • Rest in peace, Beowulf.
  • This statue will always remind us of your bravery, courage, and loyalty.
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