Updated: 11/22/2019

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  • At Elie's house
  • In the afternoon
  • That's my daughter!
  • Congratulations honey!
  • Mom, dad, I suceed, I'm in the baseball team!
  • I'm going up stairs to prepare myself for tomorrow.
  • You're right sweety, is going to be your first match,you must be ready!
  • Good night Elie!
  • The big day
  • After the match
  • First match today, how do you feel?
  • I'll answer Eve, I'm okay Tony, see you later guys!
  • She feels nervous,of course!
  • What the heck!? The new player is a girl!
  • Let's go, the match is about to start. Elie you're going first!
  • She is, and guess what? She's going to win!
  • I can do it!
  • It's the best day ever!
  • It is because of you, Elie!
  • We won! We won! We won!