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Updated: 5/25/2020
Religious Comics
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  • Hi I’m Sarah. I'm a Muslim. Being a Muslim minority is VERY hard. People judge me everywhere I go. When they see me with my hijab on or other Islamic clothing, they are afraid of me. The media doesn’t help with this issue either. They sometimes even make my religion harder to understand
  • Hi I’m Anna and this is Katie. Being Christian tennagers can be hard.Even though we’re not a minority, it can be hard with all the influences from our friends. As we have different beliefs and values, while we go to Church, they can do whatever they please. They also don’t respect our rules and peer pressure us to do things that we don’t want to. The media doesn’t help either with making fun of what we believe in and criticizing our way of living.
  • Hi I’m Dan, and this is my wife Isabella. We’re Hindus. Being Hindu and having different beliefs from everyone else doesn’t make us any different from them. The media though mocks us and criticizes us for our personal beliefs. They lack respect for our beliefs in different gods and act as if we don’t belong.
  • Hi I’m Ryan and I’m a Buddhist. Being a minor religion is hard. I have certain rules to keep me and the others around me safe, but some people tend to mock my way of living. Even though I have different beliefs, it doesn’t mean I’m not human like everyone else.
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