Updated: 6/19/2020
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  • Frankenstein is making a new human being in an isolated room in his house! But he wants this person to be the role model of what a human being should be.
  • Oh no! Frankenstein, after completing his human being, is now disgusted with the way he looks! He runs away. The “monster” is now left to find his own way in this world.
  • The monster finds an isolated couple. Their names are Agathe and Felix. Once the monster explains to Agathe that he is kind-hearted and loving, she feels sympathy for him. However Felix doesn’t feel the same...
  • I wanted to lead a happy life - loving, caring and serving my fellow companions. But look at my situation! Look at what society has made me do...there is no use in my existence. I will end my life here just as everyone wanted me to do...
  • Felix chases the monster away, making him turn evil, as society has taught him. Despite his new evil ways, he wants to find a young child with unbiased thoughts who would be his friend. But after he learnt that the young boy was Frankenstein’s brother (his enemy), and that the young boy was speaking bad of him, he killed him.
  • The monster now returns to Frankenstein, and after Frankenstein hears of the story wants him dead. But the monster is actually an innocent, loving person on the inside. All he wants is a companion. So the two strike a deal - Frankenstein must make a wife for the monster, and the monster must go to a far away land. 2 years pass, and...
  • A turn of unfortunate events leads to Frankenstein planning to kill the monster, the monster trying to resuscitate his wife, and in the process, the monster killing both Clerval and Elizabeth, who were trying to stop the monster. In the end, the monster kills Frankenstein, and goes to the North Pole, to end his short yet upsetting life...
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