Updated: 2/3/2021

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  • "I need a dress and jewelry for the upcoming ball, I said. "Go ask your friend Mme. Forestier if you can borrow a necklace from her, I'm sure she would be happy to said, my husband."Surely she would I thought so I went to visit her.
  • I went to visit Mme. Forestier to see if she would be kind enough to let me borrow a diamond necklace for the ball. She didn't mind at all so she showed me what she had in her collection. I picked out a beautiful diamond necklace that looked very expensive!
  • I had a wonderful night at the ball, that was until I realized that I lost Mme. Forestiers necklace. I was in a panic! I thought I may have left it in the cab I took home from the ball, but I didn't get it's number so I was doomed!
  • I and my husband went to a jewelers shop the next day to find the necklace and ended up finding one exactly like it for 40 thousand francs. The man at the shop sold it to us for 36 thousand francs, but we knew we couldn't afford it.
  • I and my husband took loans of money from people and banks and worked as peasants/servants for 10 years so that we could pay back all the money we owed.
  • I and my husband bought the necklace finally and gave it back to Mme. Forestier. 10 years later I went for a run one day and ran into her. I had mentioned the necklace but it turns out that her original necklace was only worth five hundred francs, not thirty-five thousand!