A long way gone comic
Updated: 6/9/2020
A long way gone comic
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  • The villagers know you are here.My children, you must hurry now, and my blessings are with you.Please take this,for the journey
  • !Guys run,they are coming ¡
  • As we were trapped, they brought us to the chief and who accused about trying to destroy the village.But suddenly when they took our clothes off ,they found my tapes and everything changed
  • This foreign music had shown me that I made a mistake.They are just kids looking for safety.Know you are able to go away
  • While we followed our path, I had some throwbacks about my family,Musa told one of his stories and we laughed; until Saidu fainted.We decided carrying him to the next village , but a few hours ago he woked up and we had arrived
  • Ishmael? I know you.Your family was here some weeks earlier.They are in the next village, with lots of people from Mattru Jong and the Sierra Rutile mining area. All of you might be able to find your families or news about them.
  • We all felt very happy,cause we would finally see our loved ones.Thats why we stayed playing and celebrating.Althought that same night we tried to wake up Saidu for going ,but he didn't respond. A man tried to help us and he afirmed my friends death.Sandus body was washed and prepared for the burial that same day
  • Very sad we continued our crossing,this time with the hope of getting together with our parents and brothers.Somehow we ran into a man, I took my time to reognize who was him.Well it was Gasemu,he used to be a notorious single man at my town.
  • would you mind helping me with some taking some bananas to the village?
  • When we reached, there was fire all over the place.We hid in some bushes while the gunshots ceasedand when it finallt ended, I ran between the flames searching for my parents, but all the bodies were irrecognazable.Me and my friends started to fight and blame eachother about what happened
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