Icarus and Daedalus
Updated: 1/27/2020
Icarus and Daedalus
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  • 1. Build me a palace, with soaring towers and a high, curving roof. In the cellar there is to be a maze of
  • 2. many corridors-so twisting and dark that any man who once ventured in there would never find his way out again
  • 2.Build my labyrinth as I told you. I pay you to build, not ask questions.
  • 1 What is it for? Is it a prison to hold criminals?A vault?
  • .
  • This is the life,A nice place, riches, good food, everything!
  • I want to get out of here, and go back to making what I desire.
  • .
  • I have been working on something son, we will make our great escape today, we will soar above the earth back to Athens
  • When Dedalus found out what the maze was truly for, he was horrified. It held a terrible beast, the minotaur and king Minos only fed it, men and women.
  • King Minos provided Dedalus and his son Icarus with gold and luxuries as well as the highest tower of the castle to live in but they weren't allowed to leave and at night the door was locked and a guard stood outside the door.
  • Daedalus had an amazing idea that could help him get out of this tower, and he worked on it every night while Icarus was sleeping. They were going to fly. Daedalus worked carefully and intently on the wings using feathers that he took from birds that came by the tower and wax from the candles
  • Many days later, the wings were ready.
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