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Updated: 10/18/2020
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  • Hi! I'm Photosynthesis and today I'm going to show you my work.
  • First, the sunlight travels to the plant, then it takes in CO2 and sucks up water from the soil with its roots
  • I take place in the leaves. Leaves have tiny pores called stomata which lets the CO2 enter.
  • Plant cells contain tiny structures called chloroplasts that contain chlorophyll.
  • Once the sunlight have reached the leaf, the chlorophyll captures its energy and uses it to make sugar out of the CO2 from the air and the water from the roots.
  • The sugar fuels a plant's roots, stem and leaves so it can grow
  • Oxygen then leaves the plant through the stomata
  • As you saw, my job is very important because it produces oxygen and energy. Hope you liked it!
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