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A banker and a lawyer make BET.

Storyboard Text

  • You won't stay imprisoned for 5 years, I'll bet you two million.
  • I bet not 5 years but 15 years.
  • What was I thinking when I made this bet.
  • Banker: So here's the agreement. Lawyer: Okay I'll sign it.
  • The banker is recalling what was going on during the party he had threw at his house with the lawyer.
  • I guess I'll stay here now.
  • The banker was home thinking about as to why he would make that bet especially with a stranger.
  • I have learned so much from being locked up.
  • And in this moment the bet started because the banker made the lawyer sign the agreement to the bet an what would happen if he didn't follow through with it.
  • Time for me to go.
  • The banker locked up the banker and that's when it began.
  • The lawyer almost spent fifteen years imprisoned but he then realized that the money was not worth it anymore because he learned so much being locked up so he decided to escape before he made exactly fifteen years imprisoned.
  • The lawyer left a note before he left and when the banker got there he saw that the lawyer had escaped. The banker was happy that the lawyer left because he wouldn't have to give him the two million dollars.
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