Updated: 12/9/2020

Storyboard Text

  • 3.Make critical information quickly accessible
  • 4.Update your alert and response procedures
  • a better course is to take shelter in an office or other secure area
  • 5.Test the plan
  • Will my plan work? how can i know?
  • Users want to know what the emergency is and what to do in that emergency, they want information to be quickly read and easily accessible. Many facilities create a hard copy, full length emergency plan.
  • Plans are made to ensure everyone knows what to do in a timely fashion. Some managers subscribe to the thought that, if it’s not written down, they can’t be held to it.
  • Two methods : the first is lecture and response sessions.Segmented drills, exercises, and full blown drills incorporating many first responder outside agencies are performed after you are comfortable with the results of the lecture and tabletop sessions.