Betsy, Mark, and Jeff's Allibi
Updated: 2/13/2020
Betsy, Mark, and Jeff's Allibi
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  • Hi, mom! Can we eat the chocolate cake? Jeff, cool it!
  • Yeah of coarse! And keep the racket down!
  • Yes, it worked!
  • Now let's cut the cake!
  • Perfect!
  • Betsy calls her mom to ask her if she can eat some cake with her friends, Mark and Jeff, who aren't really there. Betsy plays noises in the background to make it seems like she'll be at home.
  • Betsy succeeds in being able to get cake and making it seem like there are other people with her.
  • Now time for some music.
  • Betsy starts to cut the cake to make it seem like there were more people with her.
  • Betsy takes a bite out of the pieces of cake and leaves the plates in the sink with frosting and cake on them to make it seem like they actually ate them.
  • Betsy turns on some music to make it seem like there are still people in the house.
  • Betsy leaves in Jeff's truck to go to the school. She arrives late to the school and can't see Mr. Griffin get kidnapped because a cop stopped her for speeding.
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