Updated: 5/18/2020

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  • Dad why are you defending Tom if you know you'll never win...
  • Chapter 9
  • Because is the right thing to do!
  • I will never give up, no matter what
  • Thanks for teaching us how to shoot Dad!
  • Chapter 10
  • I love practicing with air rifles. Best Christmas present ever!
  • Jem! Scout! remember to never kill a Mocking bird. Thats a sin.
  • Atticus defends Tom (black guy), who is accused of raping a white woman. Scout and him know he won't win the case, but he says no one should ever give up. Later, Francis teases Scout, they end up in a fight. Uncle Jack and Atticus have a discussion about parenting and the fear of what Scout is going to encounter because of his position in trial.
  • The hole town has their eyes in Atticus. Scout realices his father is very different from other kids' fathers. Mr. Atticus teaches Scout and Jem how to shoot air riffles. Mrs. Maudi tells Jem and Scout a list of things Atticus is good at. Later Atticus confidently kills a dog with rabies, with a gun, he is not scared of doing it, or rather among at Radley's house.