Updated: 9/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Manuel was heading home late at night with 700 PHP in his pocket, preparing to be scolded by his wife, Naty, who doesn't condone his gambling because he allegedly would not spend his money on his children instead.
  • Manuel's life was difficult because the owner of the firm he worked for left the Philippines for the United States and never returned. As a result, Manuel's unpaid paycheck was left behind.
  • Manuel wasn't hooked to gambling; he understood when to stop and limit his losses before it was too late; he didn't let it consume him because it was only a hobby.
  • Manuel made his money by playing poker and was lucky enough to win 1000 PHP instead of the 15 PHP he had started with. He kept playing since he was having a good time, and at the end of the game, he had 700 PHP saved up. 
  • After reaching home, Naty was the one that opened the door for him and with it her anger as well. She dragged Manuel to their prayer room and told him that she prays to the three saints that he doesn’t win in his gambles.
  • When Naty's mind had finally calmed down the next day.Manuel handed her the 700 PHP and explained that it was part of his unpaid salary, rather than telling her that he had won it through gambling, so as not to shame the saints in front of Naty.