Updated: 9/17/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Hi sindy, i´m fine and you?
  • Hi Alberto, how are you?
  • Oh, i'm fine thanks
  • sure...
  • Hey, what are you doing here at the mall? Did you buy something?
  • Yes, I was preparing for this end, there is a party at my house, are you coming?
  • let's have a coffee?
  • Entering the topic, are you not afraid that you will get coronavirus?
  • The truth is, and I have to go first to the gas station to recharge my tank and then to the electronic teller machine to go to the pharmacy to buy things for my health care.
  • and what will you do today?
  • It seems pretty good to me, friend, I will go to church to listen to the Lord's word and then if I can I will go to your party
  • I think it's super good, obviously I want you to go
  • I guess if I am, where is it?
  • then I'll wait for you there?
  • on the corner of San Benito
  • okey, bye